Sunday, July 19, 2015

‘There are people there to help you’

By Raquel Ruvalcaba, a senior at Marian High School in South Bend, Indiana
July 11, 2015
I hope to gain new information on how to be a better, smarter, and more efficient college student, as well as learn what I need to do in order to be a successful college student. I would also like to gain information on how to build a better sense of my personal identity so that as I transition from high school to college I do not lose myself and lose sight of who I really am. Understanding who I am will help me grow as an individual, by allowing me to broaden my horizons to other people and new ideas, so that going off to college will not be such a tremendous culture shock. I will be prepared to live and function independently. I believe this experience will help me grow as a scholar by helping me prove to myself that all of my goals are attainable as long as I work hard and keep my eyes on the prize. The Balfour Pre-College Academy will teach me new and more efficient ways to use campus and program resources to find scholarships. Hopefully, I will not need to take out any loans, and I can be as prepared for college as possible.
July 19, 2015
While at the Balfour Pre-College Academy, I learned that I could function and live alone without having to totally depend on someone. I had always been told that college is big and scary, and for some it might actually appear this way because if you are like me, then you may have never been away from home. I was terrified at first because I had never been away from home but everyone was so nice, friendly, and funny. This entire experience at Balfour was amazing! I actually really enjoyed this experience. What I learned about higher education is that you have to work hard for what you want and that you cannot do it all alone, and you do not have to, because there are people there to help you, including the professors and administrators. I plan on using all of this information as I make my transition from high school to college.

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