Saturday, July 18, 2015

‘A life-changing experience’

By Aileen Castro, a senior at South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

July 9, 2015
As the time approaches to attend the Balfour Pre-College Academy, I am very eager to learn many new things about college and furthering my education. I want to make this an unforgettable experience that will help me grow as a scholar, and mold me to be the person I hope to be in the future. I also hope to meet other students who strive for the best in their academic success, and have the same goals as me. Being a first-generation college student, I have many unanswered questions. My parents did not have an opportunity to go to college, so I cannot ask them for advice or the answers to my questions. With this program, I hope to acquire the information and support I need to lead me in the right direction. I believe this opportunity will help me grow as an individual by helping me get to know myself better, which will be beneficial as I choose a career. It will also help me grow as a scholar as I become more familiarized with college and the whole process. With this experience, I will be one step closer to making the best out of my future.
July 18, 2015
The Balfour Pre-College Academy was a life-changing experience that I will keep with me forever. Not only did it help me meet great new people, it also helped me learn more about college. Everything I learned this past week will help me through my college process and growth as a student, from learning how to fill out the FASFA, how to choose the right career and how to make connections. This pre-college academy has opened my eyes in indescribable ways. Every person I met inspired me to pursue my dream of going to college and never give up. Each story I heard I could relate to in some way, and it motivated me to keep on trying to reach my goals. This experience helped me feel more confident about the idea of going off to college. In just these few past days, I believe I have grown as a scholar. One thing I will not forget is the advice the professors and counselors gave us, and how they showed each scholar they wanted the best for us. Their help has made picking the right career choice easier. The Balfour Pre-College Academy is not just a program; it is a support group for many of us students. I would recommend this program to anyone.